FASS SALLI (Small Ambulance Light Loadable Instrument)

FASS SALLI air purification and decontamination machines flow 500 cubic feet per minute of air (14.1 cm/m). The machines use FailSafe’s patented purification process and can help convert a room or vehicle to a negative, positive or a re-circulating environment. 

These are compact, portable devices designed for small spaces. The FASS SALLI is ideal for smaller applications, including:

  • Sanitization of vehicles (ambulances, and emergency response vehicles)
  • Control of virus transmission to healthy employees during infectious patient transport
  • Decontamination of single-bed patient rooms
  • New buildings or remodeling sites where glues, or off-gassing present a concern
  • Remediation of hotel lobbies or other small rooms
  • Sanitization of small client-service venues and public areas (including restaurants, bars, and retail environments)
Power Consumption: 1.22 ampere, 270 watts 110/240 Volt 50/60Hz
1.5-meter IEC power cord

Air flow @ 1” Water Column (249pa): 500 CFM (14.1 cm/m)

HEPA Filter: 1 12X12X11.5-inch (305X305X292mm) HEPA 99.99@ 0.3uM (microns)

Dimensions W/0 HEPA Filter:

Length: 26.3″ (670mm)

Width: 14″ (350mm)

Height: 15.35″ (390mm)

HEPA filter adds 12” (305mm) to length of machine

Weight: 53 lbs. (24kg)

Dust Pre-filters: 1 dust pre-filters

UVC Lamps: 5 high power UVC lamps

Ozone Production: Greater than 105 mg/M3 ozone production option

Duct Adapters: Optional front and rear 10-inch (254mm

Fan: Variable speed


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