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MAX – Outdoor and Weather Resistant

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Use the Mobile Air Exchange (MAX) system to decontaminate existing structures.

Mobile Air Exchange (MAX) system is an air purification and decontamination machine that is ideal for applications in large industrial environments where the device is exposed to the elements.

The Mobile Air Exchange (MAX) uses FailSafe’s patented purification system to help create a negative, positive or a re-circulating environment. The machine can connect to current HVAC systems to handle infection isolation needs, to protect your staff, and to address surge capacity events (such as flu or viral outbreaks).

Ambient Temperature Operating Range: 0 to 110 F (-34.4 to 43.3 C)

Air flow @ 1” Water Column (WC) (249pa): 2000 CFM (max standalone)

UVC Lamp Power: 150 microwatts @ 1 meter

HEPA Filter (Stainless Case) @ 1” WC (249pa): 99.97/1uM, 2200 CFM

Construction: Aluminum

Weight (Net): 197 lbs. (89.3 Kilo)

Length: 3.93’ (1199mm)

Width: 2.68’ (818mm)

Height: 3.02’ (921mm) legs fully retracted

Typical Consumable Life

UVC Lamps: 10,000 hours

UVC Lamp Ballast: 12,000 hours

HEPA Filter: In low dust atmosphere, 7000 hours

Blower MTBF: 20,0000 hours

Air Differential Pressure Switch: Over 106 switching cycles


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